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Republican Women


Pennington County Republican Women’s Club is a group of incredible women who care deeply about our country.  We are involved with the policies of our government because we are mothers, wives and friends.  We desire the best in values, economics and patriotism that can be enjoyed during our lives, as well as for generations to come. 

You will find our members registering voters, attending political meetings, writing letters, stuffing literature for distribution and working on fundraisers as well as campaigns.  We are informed on issues and candidates and desire to pass that information on to our fellow voters. 

You are reading this today because you may feel the same way, and we certainly invite interested women to join us as a member of our Pennington County Republican Women’s Club. By paying membership to our club, you automatically become a member of the South Dakota Federation of Republican Women and the National Federation of Republican Women. 

We meet the third Thursday of each month for lunch, information and a special speaker, often our elected officials but others such as our First Lady Linda Daugaard, an Afghan student attending SDSMT, a Rapid City Journal reporter - about topics such as leadership and “What Every Republican Woman Needs to Know.”  

We attempt to excite our members with information that will encourage them to get involved! Those who are not always able to attend our meetings nonetheless believe in our cause and support the club as a member.   

Most cordially,

Marguerite McPhillips

PCRW President 2013-2014