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This is an important time for Republicans.  We see that our country isn't like it used to be and we cannot give up fighting for conservative principles.  Now is the time to join together in a united effort to strengthen our party.

It is vitally important that we continue to elect Republicans to local school boards, city councils, county offices and the State Legislature.  We are asking the JOIN US with your membership dollars to assist in getting the job done.

Membership Options

18-25 years old:  $5
Bronze/Individual: $30
Silver/Family: $50
Gold/ 1/2 Pachyderm: $350 (Includes 1 free ticket to all Penn  Co. GOP Events)
Platinum Pachyderm: $700 ( includes 2 free tickets to all Penn Co. GOP Events)

Purchase your membership today!  Or you can contact the office @ 605.348.8396 to get started!