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The Pennington County GOP is managed by a group of volunteers. These individuals donate their time with the sole purpose of getting Republicans elected. We are always looking for gifted individuals who want to use their talents towards the conservative cause. Contact us to day to volunteer!
  1. Marguerite McPhillips- Chair

    Marguerite McPhillips- Chair

  2. Mark Skogerboe- Vice Chairman

    Mark Skogerboe- Vice Chairman

  3. Bruce Rampelberg - State Committeeman

    Bruce Rampelberg - State Committeeman

  4. Janet Jensen - State Committeewoman

    Janet Jensen - State Committeewoman

  5. Heather Gosch - Treasurer

    Heather Gosch - Treasurer

  6. Barb Landers- Secretary

    Barb Landers- Secretary

  7. Members At Large

    Members At Large

    Qusi Al-Haj
    Annette Brant
    Doug Dlugosz
    Sara Frankenstein
    Mary Vee Knauer
    Gretchen Strombeck
    Perry Strombeck
    Kevin Thom
    Ben Treadwell
    Shannon Royer- Office Director

  8. Auxiliary Reps

    Auxiliary Reps

    Ambassadors: Mark Vargo
    Republican Women: Julie Lien
    TAR's: Marguerite McPhillips

  9. Pennington County Legislators

    Pennington County Legislators

    District 27:
    Elizabeth May

    District 29: 
    Senator Garry Cammack
    Representative Thomas Brunner
    Representative Larry Rhoden

    District 30:
    Senator Lance Russell
    Representative Tim Goodwin
    Representative Julie Frye-Mueller

    District 32:
    Senator Alan Solano
    Representative Sean McPherson
    Representative Kristin Conzet

    District 33:
    Senator Phil Jensen
    Representative Taffy Howard
    Representative David Johnson

    District 34:
    Senator Jeff Partridge
    Representative Craig Tieszen
    Representative David Lust

    District 35:
    Senator Terri Haverly
    Representative Chip Campbell
    Representative Lynne Disanto

  10. SD State Offices

    SD State Offices

    Office of Governor Dennis Daugaard

    Secretary of State: Shantel Krebs

    Call the Secretary of States office for Election and Voting information and for Business and Individual Services. 

    State Auditor: Steve Barnett

    State Treasurer: Richard Sattgast

  11. Congressional Delegation

    Congressional Delegation