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Limited Government

Federal, state and local governments should be transparent and limited to their respective roles as essential to inherently governmental functions.

Personal Responsibility

Individuals and families are responsible for their behavior. Public policy should encourage and empower their efforts to provide for their own health, safety, education, moral fortitude and personal wealth.

Property Rights

We support private property rights as guaranteed by the fifth amendment to the United States Constitution.

Tribal Relations

We believe the best interests of all South Dakota citizens will result from working cooperatively with tribal governments.

Peace through Strength and the Rule of Law

National security, national sovereignty, public safety, the right to self-defense, the rule of constitutional and statutory law, and civil justice should be preserved without excessive undue burdens to civil liberty.

Lower Taxes

The State should only collect taxes to fund legitimate government functions. Government taxes, fees, and spending should be limited to essential, inherently governmental functions.

Right to Bear Arms

We support the right of individuals to keep and bear arms, as confirmed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. And Article VI, Section 24 of the South Dakota Constitution.

Family Integrity and the American Moral Tradition

Traditional American families should be encouraged and moral values supported by policies to nurture strong marriages between one man (XY) and one woman (XX).

Quality Education

Parents have the first and primary responsibility of educating their children. We support access to locally controlled education.

Who We Are

The Pennington County Republicans are an active network of conservatives committed to the United States Constitution, the South Dakota State Constitution and the South Dakota Republican platform.  You will find us actively supporting candidates, educating and activating the people, and fostering community building within Pennington County and throughout the state of South Dakota.

Fighting for Freedom on the Foundation set by our Founding Fathers.

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