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Title IX Pushes Girls Out


Biden’s DHHS Moves Forward on Erasing Girls and Women


Washington, D.C. — Today, the Department of Health and Human Services released its rewritten Title IX rule. Originally created to allow women equal access to education, the Biden administration has gutted these protections by expanding the definition of sex to include self-proclaimed ‘gender identity’.

Early last year, DHHS released a proposed version of the rule for the public to review. Over 230,000 comments were received. Eagle Forum joined countless other conservative organizations in opposing the new regulation.

“The Biden Administration is gutting the original purpose of Title IX — to protect females in education. While the Biden Administration has punted on clarifying the impact of their redefinition of sex to sports, there is no doubt these regulations will undermine women’s and girls’ privacy rights, athletic prospects, and educational opportunities. No one gets to declare themselves female. Biology is truth, not Biden bureaucrats,” Eagle Forum President Kris Ullman stated.

“Eagle Forum Founder Phyllis Schlafly rallied women to take a stand for their rights and privileges by defeating the Equal Rights Amendment. Undeterred by their loss, radicals relentlessly seek ways to undermine womanhood by ridiculing marriage, disparaging motherhood, and affirming the bizarre idea that men can ‘become’ women. We refuse to stand by while we are made into second-class citizens and stripped of the very protections the law was passed to protect.”

Eagle Forum calls on Congress to use its powers under Congressional Review Act to overturn the rewritten Title IX rule.