County Delegate Selection Details

 Pennington County delegate selection for the National Republican Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from July 15-18, 2024 will be held on:


April 20, 2024



2111 N Lacrosse Street

Rapid City

In the Washington Room


It is important for Republicans in Pennington County to be involved in this process even if you don’t plan to run for selection. You can vote for people who will represent you.

We will select 3 people from Pennington County to attend the regional meeting. Each county in the region selects 3 people who will attend the regional caucus.  Our region is region 6 and includes Pennington, Fall River, Custer, Lawrence, and Meade counties.

The only people who will attend the regional caucus are the 3 people from each county. The 5 counties in region 6 will send a total of 15 people to that caucus meeting to vote for 5 delegates and 5 alternates from our region.

The regional caucuses are all going to be held on May 2. They will do a zoom call to say hello and check in with other regions prior to the regional vote.

Other things to be aware of: This will cost you. Hotels and travel are at your own expense. If you want to run for selection, be prepared to tell us something about yourself and why you want to be selected. If you would let us know ahead of time it would be appreciated. 605-348-8396